About Us

Our History

NutraBlend Foods (NBF) was established in 1999 as a division of The Grober Group of Companies.

Conceived initially as a bulk toll blender specializing in dairy formulations for export, NBF soon expanded into the sports nutrition and nutraceutical markets. We quickly recognized that growth in this industry would happen through the development of three key categories: product development and innovation, industry leading flavoring capabilities, and extraordinary customer service. By 2006, we were involved in some of the biggest launches in the sports nutrition industry, having formulated and flavored what would become the breakout products of that and subsequent years.

Our Growth

Growth was exponential and in order to keep up with demand, a new plant was opened in New York State. In addition, we underwent an expansion in our Canadian facilities. Since 2006, we acquired two new buildings and a number of new filling lines, significantly increasing our capacity to better serve our expanding customers.

Our Vision

Our goal is to continuously provide the best tasting, highest quality products while offering our clients consistently exceptional service at highly competitive prices.

Who We Are

We are staffed with highly qualified and dedicated teams. Specifically, our research and development team works with flavor companies worldwide to optimize the client experience. We formulate new products and customize product development and packaging to meet specific order requirements.

Our history of growth and development is harnessed to help you succeed.

Contact us today and find out how we can grow your business.

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