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There is a lot involved in making the highest quality and best tasting products. Many detailed processes, requirements and testing goes into every product we manufacture. Get our highly trained and experienced team working for you today.

We Are Experienced

We have over 17 years of specialized experience in what is a relatively new industry. What drives our success is our expert guidance and that comes with a real understanding of the raw materials we purchase. We know that not all raw ingredients are the same. We conduct synergistic trials and taste test thousands of raw ingredients to ensure the highest quality goes into each and every product we manufacture.

Our experience and expertise give us the knowledge to know how raw ingredients stack up on their own as well as in combination with other raw ingredients.


We Are Problem Solvers

We excel at diagnosing as well as problem solving. We get inquiries from prospective clients who say they have an issue with their current product. It could be anything ranging from product clumping poor taste, limited shelf life or the wrong mix of nutrients.

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When you choose to partner with us, you gain access to a team of experts who are passionate about offering you the best recommendations and highest quality product available.

Whether a kernel of an idea or a fully formed concept, we’re a team focused with one goal — making your vision a reality. We find a way to say ‘yes we can!’


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