We Are the Ben & Jerry’s of the Protein World

We can create any flavor combination imaginable. Our team loves a challenge. Let us create the perfect flavor for you.

Flavor Matching & Development

Our innovative and world class technologies allow us to quickly develop new flavors and protocols to keep our clients on the leading edge of product offerings. Our R&D team uses their experience and creativity as well as analytical processes to reconstruct the best flavors possible to meet your exacting requirements.

Reverse Engineering

We reverse engineer food ingredients used for flavoring in order to isolate any ingredients that aren't enhancing the taste experience. This process allows us to formulate complex flavor systems to ensure only the desired components are present.

New Product Creation

Our food science and flavor specialists continuously study the physical, biological and chemical combinations of the ingredients that comprise the protein powder products we create. Using scientific disciplines, we improve the safety, taste and nutritional value of each product developed in our labs.

R&D Lab Services

Where it is possible to blend any flavor together, we study the science behind the flavoring process. We understand the molecular structure that drives truly outstanding taste. Our flavoring knowledge is derived from years of experience fine tuning the processing of raw ingredients. We guide our customers with suggestions for drives the best tasting products.


We make all formulations delicious!

Our highly skilled Flavor Specialists relish the challenge of turning your unique formulation into a deliciously consumable product. So whether you have a product, an idea or just a desire to create, we’ll help you build something unique and successful in less time than you imagined possible.

A Dedicated Team of

Experienced Food Scientists

We have a highly educated and talented team of professionals – many with a masters degree or higher level of specialized education that allows them to bring their best to each step in the product development process.


Dream Up Your Flavor

We’ll create the best tasting version possible!

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