NBF Lab Services

State of the Art In-House Lab and Food Science Team

Our food scientists are part of your team, providing support from custom product development to labeling.

Reverse Engineering

We reverse engineer food ingredients used for flavoring in order to isolate any ingredients that aren't enhancing the taste experience. This process allows us to formulate complex flavor systems to ensure only the desired components are present.

New Product Creation

Our food science and flavor specialists continuously study the physical, biological and chemical combinations of the ingredients that comprise the protein powder products we create. Using scientific disciplines, we improve the safety, taste and nutritional value of each product developed in our labs.


Working with the functional properties of dairy-based powders requires training and knowledge of the physiochemical characteristics of milk powders, their raw composition and standardization.

Organoleptic Testing

We apply organoleptic testing to determine if packaging adversely affects the flavor, appearance, odor or texture of its contents.

Flavor Matching and Development

Our innovative and world class technologies allow us to quickly develop new flavors and protocols to keep our clients on the leading edge of product offerings. Our R&D team uses their experience and creativity as well as analytical processes to reconstruct the best flavors possible to meet your exacting requirements.

Sensory and Micro Testing

We facilitate the scientific discipline of sensory testing to evoke, measure, analyze and interpret those responses to products that are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. We ensure best in class molecular instrumentation and sample preparation capability for pathogen and quality indicator detection and biochemical tests.

Nutritional Analysis and Validation

We provide nutritional analysis compliant with required labelling laws by country. Our analysis and validation process reports include recipe overviews, ingredient and allergen statements, nutrient content claims, nutrient value per serving and a nutrition facts panel.

Cost Formulating

We continually look for methods to develop formulations that are priced reasonably. We are supported in our efforts by Sourcing Team who purchases the highest quality raw ingredients at the best possible price points.


A State-of-the Art

R&D Laboratory

Referred to as NBF Lab Services, our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory provides expert guidance when you need your products specifically certified with NSF, informed choice, Kosher, organic and more. We work with industry leading experts and technology. Let us share our passion for innovation with you.

A Dedicated Team of

Experienced Food Scientists

We have a highly educated and talented team of professionals – many with a masters degree or higher level of specialized education that allows them to bring their best to each step in the product development process.


Let us share our passion for innovation with you.

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